Venomous and Poisonous Marine Animals

  This website has been compiled by Dr Peter Fenner. He has a long-standing interest and expertise in marine envenomation and is an advisor on marine bites and stings to the World Health Organisation, the Australian Medical Association, State Poison’s Information Centres, and International Life Saving. Co-founder of the International Consortium of Jellyfish Stings in 1989, he has also advised the World Health Organisation, Australian Medical Association on sexual health care, Queensland Government and the Australian Poisons Information Centres on marine envenomation and has contributed research to the Sydney Equestrian Centre. [ see profile ]
Students, I hope you will find this website useful for information for projects on marine stings. The “Biology” section contains information on the more common jellyfish and how they sting their victims. The “First aid” section discusses the treatment of common marine stings and bites and the “Glossary” clarifies some of the terms used in marine envenomation. For more advanced students the “Medical Aesthetics Institute” section contains further information.
Venomous and Poisonous Marine Animals: a Medical and Biological Handbook now including a section on Betta Fish – the infamous Siamese fighting fish


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Medical Editors Ass Professor John Williamson from Adelaide, Dr Peter Fenner from Mackay and Professor Joe Burnett from Baltimore, USA, together with Biological Editor, Dr Jacquie Rifkin have spent four years compiling this major reference book exploring almost every venomous creature in the sea that envenomates or poisons (ie not sharks).


It is a book that will be helpful to every General & Rehabilitation Hospital, General Practice, Poison’s Centre, University, School, Library or Museum, where such information will need to be referenced. It is the `state-of-the-art’ in marine envenomation. With presentations from approximately 26 authors world-wide, who have helped contribute some 240,000 words, 400-odd pages and about 350 photographs, many in colour, it contains the latest information on most venomous marine creatures. The latest information on almost every world-wide venomous marine creatures is included. This includes jellyfish, both venomous (even lethal) and non-venomous, venomous fish, cone shells, sea snakes, blue-ringed octopus and many more.

Each animal is presented with details on the appearance, distribution, venom effects, first aid and medical treatments; many have biological details and also, any other pertinent information that may be useful. Much of it is new information which has never been published before. Almost all the information has been combined in a manner that could only be equalled by buying many reference books covering biology, first aid, medicine, chemistry and immunology.

Please note all animals are treated humanely and testing in done in custom pool environments and in situ in natural marine coastal settings with secure fencing.



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