A/Professor Peter Fenner AM

Dr. Peter Fenner is a General Practitioner in Mackay, North Queensland and an Associate Professor of the James Cook University Medical School, Townsville.

He has a long-standing interest and expertise in marine envenomation and is an advisor on marine bites and stings to the World Health Organisation, the Australian Medical Association, State Poison’s Information Centres, and International Life Saving.

He has written some 38 published articles on various aspects on the worldwide problem of marine envenomation both in books and refereed Medical Journals. In his many published papers on marine envenomation in refereed medical journals he has introduced many new first aid and medical protocols for dealing with the marine envenomation problem. He has also contributed chapters to both Conns Textbook of Medicine in marine envenomation, and the chapter on drowning in the 4th Edition of the Oxford Textbook of Medicine.

He has been visiting Professor to Adelaide University and the University of Hawaii, and was a guest speaker in the World Health Organisation convention in Paris in 1995, held to increase knowledge of venoms to improve antivenom production worldwide.

A/Professor Fenner received his MD from the University of London in September 1997 for his work into the global problem of jellyfish envenomation. Together with colleagues A/Prof. John Williamson of Adelaide and Professor Joseph Burnett in Baltimore, USA, he is a co-founder of the International Consortium for Jellyfish Stings and co-editor of “Venomous and Poisonous Marine Animals: a Medical and Biological Handbook, as well as having written a number of the Chapters. This is still the most authoritative publication of the world problem of marine envenomation and poisoning.

A/Professor Fenner was awarded the Order of Australia Medal for his work in marine envenomation, medicine and services to Surf Life Saving Australia; Fellowship of the Australasian College of Tropical Medicine and the Royal College of General Practitioners; the Citation of Merit by the Australian Medical Association, Queensland Branch, for his work in medicine; and the Australian Sports Medal for his contribution to Surf Life Saving Australia.

A/Professor Fenner has been involved in Irukandji research, a deadly jellyfish in tropical waters with its severe systemic syndrome, and other related marine research area for over 20 years and is one of the foremost experts on medical, ecological and taxonomical aspects of the Irukandji jellyfish and its syndrome. For the last eight years he has been supervising the collection of Irukandji (C. barnesi) specimens, which has been successful in supplying venom for collaborative research with the Australian Venom Research Unit and its quest for an antidote or antivenom to the severe Irukandji syndrome..


MBBS (London), LRCP, MRCS (London) 1970

DRCOG (England) 1972

MRCGP (England) 1973

FACTM (Australia) 1991

FRCGP (London) 1993

MD (London) 1997

General Practitioner, Mackay 1975-

Medical collaborator, Australian Venom Research Unit, University of Melbourne 1994-

Adviser on Marine Envenomation – Poisons Information Centres; Australian Medical Association; Poisons Information Centres, World Health Organisation.

National Medical Officer, Surf Life Saving Australia 1996-2004

Queensland Academy of Sport – Mackay Provider 1998 –

Associate Professor, James Cook University 2000-

Visiting Professor, Royal Adelaide Hospital 1990

Visiting Consultant, University of Hawaii, Okinawa Hospital, Japan – June 1995

Chairman, Mackay Medical Counter Disaster Committee 1994-2001

Twenty-nine papers in peer reviewed journals, 4 book chapters, 45 national and international conference abstracts.